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Graphic Recording

Graphic recording is a method of visualizing and sharing in real time what is discussed in a meeting.

Aims of Graphic Recording


  1. To help share understanding with those present during discussions with customers, suppliers, and teams.

  2. Inspire creative ideas through drawing.

  3. Visualizing discussions can provide insights not noticed in linear conversations.

  4. Visual information is easier to remember, making it easier to access the experience of the moment and the insights gained there, even over time.

  5. The content and atmosphere of the discussion can be shared with those who were not there.


How to do graphic recording

Structuring key learning information by picturing in real time what the meeting attendees said.


Graphic Facilitator: Chikako Moriyama


She is well known for her graphic recording in a wide variety of settings, including dialogues, seminars, and workshops in corporations, communities, and international conferences, and is known for her skill, speed, and expressiveness in clearly structuring and conveying complex content. She has extensive experience working for and consulting with companies in Japan, the U.S., and Europe, and is skilled in business meeting management, business negotiations, and team management, and she brings her unique observational, analytical, and communication skills to facilitation.

Graphic Recording Training

Available in Japanese only


We teach a wide range of graphic recording practices from introductory to advanced.

Request for Graphic Recording and Graphic Facilitation

Recording/facilitation is available for meetings, trainings, and dialogue sessions. Online (ZOOM) is also available.


Metanoia Limited promotes social contribution through education for working adults, apart from its corporate support business (consulting business). Research and development centered on the Systems Thinking Practice Study Group, education and training centered on the Debate Dojo, and other social businesses (movements to solve social issues using business methods) have been the core activities of Metanoia Limited since 2008. We also respond flexibly and promptly to business requests for non-profit purposes from various NPOs and NGOs.

STAR CLUB(Structural Thinkers Applied Research)

The various activities held at the STAR Club aim to help those who participate aspire to personal growth and development, and to reach their full potential in their work, community, and relationships. We call it cross-training, and it is a comprehensive self-education from various angles, such as training the mind, honing the heart, and listening to the voice of the body. Everything is tied to creating the world you want to create by your own choice. Each participant can choose to participate in the activities of their choice according to their own aspirations, values, life situation, and timing. The STAR Club is open to anyone who is blessed with the desire and the extra energy to learn. Learning is not a hardship, but a joyful game, and at the same time, it is directly connected to serious practice in the physical field. I am keenly aware of this over and over again. I have witnessed my fellow members who have gathered at the STAR Club by chance, taking what they have learned in their workplaces and in their own positions, and transforming their worlds. If you have the ambition, or rather the intellectual curiosity, to learn across disciplines and create your own work and life, please consider joining the STAR Club. Zoom meetings are increasing in number in the wake of the post-2020 pandemic crisis, making it easier to participate remotely.

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