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Organisational Development

A strong and healthy organization is critically important for a company's success. Metanoia Limited will consult with you from the initial stages of change, reform, revitalization, and development, recommend the most effective and timely approach, and assist you from facilitation of implementation to measurement of effectiveness.


Who should apply

Organizations of all sizes and nature that desire organizational development

Expected Outcomes

Depending on the organization's objectives, short-, medium-, and long-term results can be expected. It is important to strategically create an initial response. Then choose a method that creates momentum within the organization for long-lasting results and for the new changes to take root.


We propose different approaches depending on the phase of change in your organization: we design a change that lasts more than a year, defining strategic phases and interventions to ensure that the development continues after the consultancy is over. It is also possible to create the highest impact through short-term interventions.

Strategic Business Planning

This activity is to design the business strategy supported by the organization. Even if the people and organization are excellent, if the business strategy is wrong, it will be a lost treasure. We observe the market and technological realities, formulate the most appropriate strategy, and support its implementation.


Who should apply

Executive management teams with responsibility and discretion to determine business strategy

Expected Results

Redraw the best business strategy in light of business realities and determine the most effective way to execute it in light of organizational realities.


Three days of intensive activities will help you develop the best business strategy and actionable planning. Beginning with interviews for organizational diagnosis, we work out an executive management team that determines the business strategy to gain a holistic view of the business, articulate a strategy that will be effective in the future, and structurally enhance its feasibility. Coaching and mentoring support is also available after the business strategy has been decided. Follow-up maximizes the probability of success.

Day 1
Interviews with stakeholders

Day 2
Business Analysis

Day 3
Creating a Strategic Plan

Understand the reality of the people involved and uncover key structures

Comprehensively understand the overall picture of the business with 11 questions and a digital business analysis

Develop a business strategy and create a structure for advancing the business

Regular follow-up with the consultant to help maintain the advancing structure

Day 4
Follow-up Sessions

Support for in-house Training & Development

This is support for ongoing employee education and leadership development within an organization.

In addition to assisting in the design and implementation of completely new training, education, and training programs, we also support the rebuilding and renewal of existing in-house training programs. We also propose human resource development that makes the best use of in-house resources and train train the trainers.


Who should apply

All people responsible for internalizing human resource development, including departments and managers in charge of internal training.


Expected Outcomes

We will fundamentally examine the internalization of in-house training to maximize cost effectiveness, develop a feasible plan, and enable optimal implementation.


We define the objectives of training, training, etc., and design the content. We also design for feasibility, taking into consideration the situation of in-house trainers, etc. In the case of new training programs, etc., we prepare for full-scale implementation after a short or small trial period.

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