We focus on capability development. Consult us for diagnosis, planning, design, workshops, and one-on-one or team/relationship coaching for practical and tangible improvements.

Executive Coaching



・Top and Senior Management


・Middle Management and Professionals


CEOs, presidents, managing directors, and other leaders of teams and organizations will learn and grow through executive coaching which extends naturally and logically to their teams and organizations. You get results. 


We provide practical advice and support for your organization’s needs and aspirations. You can have us attend, observe, participate, or facilitate your actual meetings, conferences, dialogues, and projects.

Management Training

・Business Negotiation

Improve your negotiation skills. Discover your own style and strengths for effective bargaining and negotiating. Challenging case studies, engaging games, training exercises and theoretical lectures will be provided.

・Coaching for Leaders

There is no single method to train and develop people. Professional coaching is a way to discover diverse needs and solutions in different people and organizational contexts. You can learn and put it into action.


・Facilitation for Leaders

There is no monopoly or exclusive license in effective facilitation. Anyone who is willing to learn can put it into practice. Learn the skills and mind of a facilitator to build and mobilize a team, run efficient meetings and successful projects.


・Leadership Skills

Organizations always need strong leadership, but often in different styles. Soft leadership, empowering leadership, servant leadership are common and popular variations. They can be studied and learnt as a skill, regardless of your natural personality.


・Interview Skills

You can learn to interview effectively for hiring, performance evaluation, research, or organizational development. Good interviews produce good results. Poorly conducted interviews can ruin organizational effectiveness.


・Project Management

Learn new skills required for complex project management. Study complexity theories and apply them in real contexts. Produce concrete results in complex and even chaotic situations.


・Strategic Thinking

Everyone needs to think strategically. Envision a future, shift your perspectives, drop unnecessary options and focus on what truly maters.


・Debate and Arguments

Study debating as a rational decision making process. Develop your brain that can deal with chaos and crisis. Use your argument effectively in organizational dialogues.​

Fundamentals of Structural Thinking (FST)

October 1-4, 2020 - Japan, online

Our Flagship course the Fundamentals of Structural Thinking (FST) will be offered in June, 2020, online, and October 2020, online in Japan. This is a course especially designed for consultants, coaches, managers, and those in the helping professions. Below is a 30 minute video with excerpts from the 2017 FST in Vienna, Austria. This serves as a good introduction to some of the unique principles of structural dynamics.

Session 1:
10 am – noon (Tokyo Time)
Session 2:
2 pm – 4:30 pm (Tokyo Time)

Tuition:  ¥121,000

Your LIfe As Art

September 4-6, 2020 - online, Japan

Based on Robert’s classic book, Your Life As Art, this workshop is a three day intensive deep dive into your personal transformation and to enable you to create your life as a work of art.  The course will explore the underlying structures of your life, and enable you to restructure the very foundation in your life-building process.

Session 1:
10 am – noon (Tokyo Time)
Session 2:
2 pm – 4:30 pm (Tokyo Time)

Introductory Tuition:  ¥72,600

There’s no registration page in English and if you wish to register just email ( us and we’ll help you sign up. I hope the following videos help you to know the workshop.

- Workshop introduction site (Japanese)
We’ll have interpreters for Japanese participants who don’t speak English. Last year we had three non Japanese students from overseas (Singapore and Australia); they enjoyed being in Japan with mostly Japanese students.