The word ”metanoia” is an old Greek term indicating a shift of mind. When true learning and growth happens, metanoia is happening.



We are experts in strategic capability development. We seek to improve competitive capacity, learning skills, innovative capabilities for sustainable growth and prosperity in corporate and consulting services for organizations and professionals, from diagnosis, planning, design, and workshop facilitation,.




Strategic Capability Development Professional


Take advantage of our expertise in executive coaching, management training, and leadership development. Your organization and your people will benefit enormously from our unique professional experience that enables outstanding success.



Executive Coaching
  • Top and Senior Management

  • Middle Management and Professionals

  • ​Operations Management

Organisational Development
  • Advisory Services

  • Meeting Facilitation

  • Project Facilitation

Management Training
  • Business Negotiation

  • Coaching for Leaders

  • Facilitation for Leaders

  • Leadership Skills

  • Interview Skills

  • Project Management

  • Strategic Thinking

  • Debate and Arguments